How the scavenger hunt works


Your city in a box

Choose a scavenger hunt box. You can choose from a box made of high-quality, white cardboard or made of precious metal. Both city game boxes are slightly larger than A6 format and will fit in any purse or backpack. As an example here is our Dresden Neustadt - tour.

In the city game box you will on top find 2 postcards, which explain the scavenger hunt as well as a detailed description of how to get to the starting point of the tour. You will find out with which public means of transport you can arrive and also where you find a parking space if you travel by car. On one of the postcards you will also find your first puzzle, the solution of which reveals your first envelope.

In each city game box you will also find 8, 11 or 16 numbered and sealed envelopes (depending on the tour) plus an "emergency" envelope with a green cross if you cannot solve a puzzle and get stuck.

In the envelopes you will always find two postcards, an information card, on which you will learn a lot of interesting facts about your current location, as well as a task card, which shows you the way and on which you will find your next riddle. If you solve the riddle, you will receive a number that tells you which envelope you are to open next.

In every box you will also find our "emergency" envelope at the very back. You should only use it if you get stuck. In your emergency envelope, you will find a postcard that shows all the individual stations in the correct order and the solutions to the respective puzzles. If you want to play your city game again or pass it on to other scavenger hunt enthusiasts, you can also use this card to assign all the postcards to the correct envelope numbers.

On each postcard you will find the respective playing card symbol on the top left, an "i" on the information cards and a game figure on the task cards. The two symbols help you to find out which two cards belong together.

Have fun and enjoy your city in a box!